Culinary Crossword 2003-226
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    4. Crust formed on top of foods by  baking or broiling.
    6. Tuber cooked by exposing it to dry  heat. (5,6)
    9. An older name for 'Baked Alaska'  type dessert.
    11. Fleshy sweet pear-shaped yellowish  or purple multiple fruits eaten  fresh, preserved or dried
    12. A gin that is heavier and stronger  flavored than London dry gin.
    13. A well known Cotes-du-Rhone wine. (4,5)
    14. Mad cow disease
    16. Red fleshy sweet pear-shaped  multiple fruit eaten fresh or  preserved or dried (9,3)
    18. Japanese chicken vegetable soup,  aka zoni.
    20. Famous liqueur made by Carthusian  monks. (5,10)
    22. A closed vessel which usually has  a spigot.
    23. Soup with green peas (5,7)


    1. Infectious protein particle  thought to be responsible for  diseases like scrapie and BSE
    2. British: a ready-cooked and  highly seasoned pork sausage
    3. Spherical gram-positive bacteria  occurring in pairs or chains
    4. Soft creamy cheese flavored with  cherry juice and coated with  chopped nuts.
    5. A growth-regulating chemical  sprayed on fruit trees; entire  crop can be harvested at one time
    7. A wooden board or platter on which  food is served or carved
    8. Graduated utensil used to measure  quantities.
    10. Coffee with spriits, sugar and  whipped cream (5,6)
    12. A scrubbing cloth for cleaning  pans. (3,7)
    15. Originally referred to highest  grade of China black tea, later,  lowest quality.
    17. An Italian red wine from Tuscany.
    19. Strong dark heavy-bodied porter
    21. Remove from the surface of a liquid

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