Culinary Crossword 2003-225 by James T. Ehler
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    1. (Scotland) a small loaf or roll of  soft bread.
    4. Italian pancake similar to a crepe/
    6. Well-seasoned stew of meat and  vegetables
    8. Individually quick frozen
    11. A large pan that is filled with  hot water
    12. A compartment that retains heat in  order to bake a food.
    13. Poached pears, ice cream, and  chocolate sauce.
    14. Burn slightly and superficially so  as to affect color
    15. Goes with tail.
    16. Something considered choice to eat
    18. A soft uncooked French cheese  whose name means second milking.
    20. Yellow portion of an egg.
    21. A process in which an agent causes  an organic substance to break down  into simpler substances;  especially, the anaerobic  breakdown of sugar into alcohol
    22. A small variety of cantaloupe  grown in Israel.


    1. Tropical American shrub bearing  edible acid red fruit resembling  cherries (8,6)
    2. Tropical African climbing plant  having yellow flowers with a dark  purple center
    3. This is actually a recipe, but  many think it is a cut of beef. (6,5)
    5. White goods in which food can be  stored at low temperatures
    7. Small pastry shell for creamy  mixtures of minced foods
    9. Bread made of coarse rye flour
    10. White cloak wearing order of  friars, for whom several culinary  dishes are named.
    17. Frosting
    19. Uncastrated adult male of domestic  cattle

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