Culinary Crossword 2003-223
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    1. French: cases used in  cookery & pastry making.
    4. A dry white French wine (either  still or sparkling) made in the  Loire valley
    6. Mistress of Charles VII of France;  many culinary dishes bear her name.
    10. British: thin or spoiled  beer.
    12. Beaten eggs or an egg mixture  cooked until just set
    14. A piece of meat that has been cut  from an animal carcass
    15. ___ orange pippin apple
    16. Purified, clarified.
    18. French cut of beef from the thigh  near the beef round; also the name  for whiting.
    19. Any of numerous inedible fruits  with hard rinds
    20. VDQS wines produced in the Vienne  and Deux-Sevres.
    22. Created in 1886 by Leo Hirschfield  and named for his daughter.
    23. Sex hormone 'estrogen' was first  made from a compound in this tuber.


    2. Thompson is one variety.
    3. Benne
    4. Ultramicroscopic infectious agent  that replicates itself only within  cells of living hosts; many are  pathogenic
    5. Maturate
    7. French: Leg of mutton (5,2,6)
    8. Made from residue of grapes or  apples after pressing.
    9. Prunus persica liqueur.
    11. Cereal boiled in water
    13. Asiatic and African buffalo, Bison  and true cattle.
    17. An earthenware jug used in France  to serve wine, water etc.
    21. Small open pie

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