Culinary Crossword 2003-222
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    3. A soft moist part of a fruit.
    4. Wipe up.
    6. Rib roast.
    8. Unleavened Passover bread.
    11. Desalinate.
    13. Superior dark coffee made from  beans from Arabia.
    14. Le Magi-Mix was the first  household version.
    16. Japanese chicken and vegetable  soup, sometimes without the 'O'.
    17. Carrot slicer
    18. Pale medium-dry sherry from Spain
    20. Calvados.
    24. Goes with 'pan'.
    25. Any of various strong liquors  distilled from the fermented sap  of toddy palms or from fermented  molasses
    26. Container for roe.


    1. Tool used to prep carrots and  potatoes.
    2. Plum pudding.
    5. A variety of marjoram with a  stronger flavor than sweet  marjoram.
    7. Small red berries used primarily  in jams and jellies.
    8. Soften, usually by steeping in  liquid, and cause to disintegrate  as a result.
    9. Oil highest in monounsaturated fat.
    10. Liquid with flat pasta.
    12. Dried aromatic flower bud.
    15. Mediterranean tree widely  cultivated for its edible fruit
    19. Pan with a convex bottom, used for  frying in Chinese cooking
    21. The back part of the hindquarter  of a meat animal
    22. ___bly: slang for Champagne.
    23. Sex hormone 'estrogen' was first  made from a compound in this tuber.
    24. Goes with 'pot.'
    27. Goes with tail.

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