Culinary Crossword 2003-221 by James T. Ehler
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    2. Cut of meat (especially mutton or  lamb) consisting of part of the  backbone and both loins.
    6. Thigh of a hog.
    8. Domestic swine.
    9. A cold emulsified sauce.
    11. An important red Bordeaux wine.
    12. Oblong cream puff.
    13. Jewish ravioli.
    16. Any of various single-celled fungi  that reproduce asexually by  budding or division.
    17. Young broccoli plants.
    19. Soft sweet dessert with Black  Raspberries, thickend and baked,  boiled or steamed.
    20. A Korean speciality.
    21. A rich sponge cake made with  ground almonds.
    23. European red deer.


    1. Any of a number of tropical vines  of the genus Dioscorea many having  edible tuberous roots.
    2. A pancake from Scotland.
    3. Chiefly marine protozoa having two  flagella; a chief constituent of  plankton.
    4. A cut of meat taken from the side  and back of an animal between the  ribs and the rump.
    5. Highly seasoned minced meat  stuffed in casings that might be  served at a famous English  University.
    7. A somewhat flat reddish-orange  loose-skinned citrus of China.
    8. Downy juicy fruit with sweet  yellowish or whitish flesh.
    10. A cold Greek soup with cucumber,  goat's milk yogurt, mint and paprika.
    14. European mint with aromatic,  pungent leaves formerly popular as  a seasoning; also used in making  Chartreuse liqueur.
    15. Tropical southeast Asian shrub  with spicy berrylike fruits.
    18. Cook until very little liquid is  left, as of sauces.
    22. Any of various wild bovines  especially of the genera Bos or  closely related Bibos.

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