Culinary Crossword 2003-220 by James T. Ehler
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    1. A lemon scented tropical grass  native to Southeast Asia.
    6. Goes well with salt cod.
    7. A cooking device that uses propane  as fuel.
    10. Most highly proteinaceous  vegetable crop known.
    13. (biology) a taxonomic group  containing one or more genera.
    15. A low woody perennial plant  usually having several major  branches.
    17. Metal container for storing dry  foods such as tea or flour.
    18. Nut of Mediterranean trees having  an edible green kernel.
    20. Clotted cream.
    23. Vegetable with a blotterlike  capacity for oil.
    24. A liqueur made with a brandy base  flavored with a variety of fruits  and bitter almond.
    25. Small open pie.


    1. The back part of the hindquarter.
    2. Beech, Coco, Hazel, Brazil and  Pine are types.
    3. A brew.
    4. An extremely light sponge cake  supposedly dating back to 1348 in  Savoy.
    5. High, Irish or breakfast
    8. A tender annual herb whose flavor  is milder and sweeter than its  seasonally named sister.
    9. Any of various wild bovines  especially of the genera Bos or  closely related Bibos.
    11. An electrically powered mixer with  whirling blades that mix or chop  or liquefy foods.
    12. Small quantity of fried batter  containing fruit or meat or  vegetables.
    13. A cooked dessert usually  containing rice and the fruit from  a genus of Ficus.
    14. A pasta speciality of the Emilia- Romagna region of Italy.
    16. Wine storage.
    19. Mildly acid red or yellow pulpy  fruit eaten as a vegetable.
    21. Pickled flower buds used as a  pungent relish in various dishes  and sauces.
    22. He placed a high value on a mess  of pottage.

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