Culinary Crossword 2003-217 by James T. Ehler
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    3. Free of extraneous elements of any  kind.
    5. Most restaurant kitchens have one,  but most homes do not.
    8. This spirit may be spelled with or  without the 'e.'
    12. Greek soup with tripe and pigs  feet.
    13. Butter and sugar creamed together  with brandy or other flavoring and  served with rich puddings.
    15. A protozoa, its last name is  Parvum, found in contaminated  water supplies and salad  vegetables that were fertilized  with manure.
    17. Sterilizer.
    19. A piece of meat of a size for  slicing into more than one portion.
    22. The food and drink of the gods;  mortals who ate it became immortal.
    23. The back part of the hindquarter  of a meat animal.
    25. Vietnamese: pork.
    26. Russian: A cutlet of chicken or  salmon, covered with flour or  bread crumbs and sautéed in butter.
    28. French: Nut, or a cut of veal.


    1. Acute contagious bacterial  infection marked by the formation  of a false membrane in the throat  and other air passages causing  difficulty in breathing.
    2. A large vessel for making coffee  or tea.
    3. To twist or braid bread.
    4. A moose in Europe.
    6. Used for stir-frying.
    7. First 3 letters of illiness  commonly caused by food handlers,  contaminated water or shellfish.
    9. French for syrup.
    10. Small boat shaped pastry shell.
    11. Russian soup with salted cucumbers.
    12. French water.
    14. Turkish soup of beef stock &  small meat-filled dumplings,  garnished with yogurt, thyme and  mint.
    16. A cooking time.
    18. The IMPS are illustrated &  described in The Meat Buyer's Guide published by this association.
    20. Japanese chicken soup served over  rice cakes.
    21. Wild plum of northeastern United  States having dark purple fruits  with yellow flesh.
    24. Animal hunted for food or sport.
    27. Goes with tail.

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