Culinary Crossword 2003-214 by James T. Ehler
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    1. Piece of cloth.
    4. A French brandy made in Gascony.
    8. A thick sweet sticky liquid.
    11. Strained fruit juice from a small  acid fruit boiled down with sugar.
    13. The rind of a fruit.
    14. Cultivated forms of a widely  grown, tall annual cereal grass.
    17. The first motor powered one was  developed in 1911; automatic  controls arrived in 1940.
    18. Descriptive of Colby cheese.
    19. An old name for a strong ale.
    22. Airtight chamber for cooking  vegetables.
    24. Any of a number of tropical vines  of the genus Dioscorea many having  edible tuberous roots.
    25. French: Cases uses in  cookery and confectionery.
    26. Aberdeen _____.
    27. Associated with the Great Wall of  China, Pennsylvania Dutch, and  Alsace, France.
    29. Old name for an old vegetable  similar to rutabaga.
    30. A loaf of bread weighing about 4  pounds.
    31. Assam, black, green and matcha are  types.


    2. A slippery or viscous liquid or  liquefiable substance not miscible  with water.
    3. An open vessel with a handle and a  spout for pouring.
    4. Used to remove the central portion  of this 'king of fruits.'
    5. Aromatic small leaved herbs  related to oregano.
    6. Gridiron.
    7. Airtight sealed metal container  for food or drink.
    9. Eurasian plant cultivated for its  seed and as a forage crop.
    10. The son of Venus.
    11. "Milk's leap toward immortality."
    12. White sauce.
    15. Excretory organ.
    16. French: To coat a mold to  prevent food from adhering to a  container.
    20. A jellied candy coated with sugar  crystals.
    21. Food grain liquid food.
    22. A cutting implement having two  crossed pivoting blades.
    23. Leg of lamb.
    26. Religious community in Iowa  associated with wine, meat and  appliance production.
    28. A hardy cabbage with coarse curly  leaves that do not form a head.
    29. Beech, Coco, Hazel, Brazil and  Pine are types.


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