Culinary Crossword 2003-111 by James T. Ehler
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    2. A compound lever used to access  certain kernels.
    8. Distillate of fermented molasses.
    9. A dry white wine made from  Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the  Loire valley of France.
    10. Crisp cookie flavored with a dried  ground rhizome.
    12. A spoon-shaped vessel with a long  handle; used to transfer liquids.
    13. A dish, as of vegetables, fish,  custard, or pastry, that is cooked  and served in a small mold.
    14. Nuts or fruit pieces in a sugar  paste.
    16. The boneless breast and wing of  chicken or game.
    18. French for 'between dishes' or 'side dishes.'
    19. Spice made from the dried fleshy  covering of the nutmeg seed.
    21. Celeriac.
    23. Herb of grace.
    24. An older name for the broad bean,  alternate spelling.
    25. With handle and usually  cylindrical.


    1. Promoted as healthful alternative  to alcohol by temperance movement.
    3. A stainless steel rod used in the  process of securing legs and wings.
    4. Baked dough and emulsified milkfat.
    5. A colloid in which both phases are  liquids.
    6. _____ life.
    7. Escoffier served than as  "legs of the dawn  nymphs" to the Prince of  Wales.
    9. Fruit cooked with sugar.
    11. Rendered animal fat, a Broadway  show and a movie.
    15. Widely cultavated as a garden  vegetable, despite having toxic  stems and leaves..
    17. Whiskey.
    19. A type of brandy.
    20. Escoffier.
    21. Adult male swan.
    22. Edible tuberous root of various  plants of the genus Dioscorea  grown in the tropics world-wide  for food.


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