Culinary Crossword 2003-202 by James T. Ehler
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    1. Member of the lily family with underground stem that produces edible shoots.
    6. Salute.
    9. Lipstick tree.
    10. Strip of fat used to lard meat.
    11. Most of this fish available in the U.S. is canned in oil.
    12. Cha sweet bread.
    13. French: Braising pan.
    15. Found in improperly handled, undercooked beef, especially ground beef and unpasteurized milk
    16. Gelatin.
    19. French: Tall cup used for making a tisane (infusion).
    22. Vegetable basket; coal pail.
    23. French water.
    25. A type of flat baked cake.
    26. Milky-juiced herb: lettuce.
    27. One o'clock with an 'h'.
    28. Sugar flesh.


    1. Turkish soup of beef stock & small meat-filled dumplings, garnished with yogurt, thyme and mint.
    2. A coarse Mexican sugar or a candy made with it.
    3. Food allowance for one day.
    4. Something considered choice to eat.
    5. Dried legumes whose cotyledons usually separate in two.
    6. Medieval Mongolian steak.
    7. Can be 'stored' on the tree for 6 months or more.
    8. A citrus fruit originally named for a city in Morocco.
    13. Digitate-leaved hellebore with an offensive odor and irritant qualities when taken internally. Also, a Chinese delicacy.
    14. French for 'between dishes' or 'side dishes.'
    17. Domestic fowl.
    18. Part of a fresh cheese made from drained curds.
    20. NARICOT.
    21. Gastronomist.
    23. Edible seeds of various pod-bearing plants.
    24. Cook with dry heat.


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